Message from the Directorate

At Didaskalaio, our goal is to help our students achieve their goals and dreams.

Our motivation is the joy we receive with the success of each of our students.

At “Didascaleio” tutorial the student has full logistical and educational support.

– Carefully prepared note books, written by our teachers, a product of our many years of teaching experience.

– A curriculum that meets the needs of our students, who are divided into small and homogeneous classes.

– An annual competition schedule so that the material is assimilated, students practice in simulation exams, and any gaps are identified so that they can be addressed in a timely manner.

– Experienced and qualified team of teachers stands by the student and fights with them for their vision.

In the tutorial “Didactics” the student will find himself in a modern environment with beautiful classrooms, designed to the requirements of the time, equipped with all the new interactive technologies. But that is not all.

Ø Our main concern is the pedagogical approach to the student, whom we consider a unique personality and entity, with special aptitudes and talents. Thus, we stand by him, organising his study and supporting him psychologically throughout his studies. We want the pupil to feel that we are his supporters and companions.

Ø Communication and cooperation with parents play a crucial role in the above. In addition to the three scheduled briefings organised by our tutors during the year, parents can be informed, whenever they wish, by the tutors about their child’s performance, through personal appointments that can be made at our secretariat. In addition, there is an online platform through which monthly updates are available. At the same time, we proceed to inform the parent, when we deem it necessary, in order to solve any problems in time.

Ø At “Didaskaleo” we consider the professional orientation of our students very important, as the effort they make should be combined with the right choice of school. A choice that will be perfectly suited to the child’s wants and skills, while at the same time opening the doors to the future that the child dreams of.

Every year we organize free career guidance workshops with EMPLOY EDU, one of the most prestigious career guidance consultancies in our country. This way our students and their parents are informed about all the new developments in the field of higher education and the labour market.

Also, we have in our staff the special advisor of Vocational Guidance, Valia Kanellaki. Through individual sessions and with her guidance, the student discovers his/her aptitudes, interests and chooses the schools that really interest him/her.

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